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I present you Gaijin go Home! An original action and VN game featuring after school adventures.

The game inspired by the Yandere Simulator and Dark Souls series. Our protagonist Mio is your typical teenage Japanese High School girl. Her High School is home to many misfits and mischievous delinquents. A loner, Mio has no friends and is discouraged with her High School experience. One day, Anne a mysterious transfer student enrolls at her school. Mio is tasked with her introduction to her new environment. Little did Mio know, Anne is not your typical High School transfer. Will Mio be handle to this new trouble inviting personality?
Gaijin go Home! features some unique gameplay concepts:

  1. An advanced combat combo system. Tactically employ situational based combos. Find the right pace to success.
  2. Monitor you stress system to restore health when low stressed to performing fast paced furious attacks while high stressed.
  3. Get to know your classmates personalities. Some will aid and humor you while others could cower and be a detriment to your success.

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tried the game and loved and i cant see what you do with! what are you plays for the game?

Thanks for the video. Are you asking about what games I was using as a reference? I played Dark Souls 2, Yandere Simulator and Akiba's trip before starting game development.

my bad lol what are the plan for this game!

I am planning to add new quests, items and weapons. Probably, need to expand the map and fix bugs in npc behaviour too.

nice! let me know and ill take another wack at the game!

I really think combat needs work but the combination of action + VN is enticing. High school life is rougher than I remember it. :)


Thank you for the video. I'll work on input lag and balancing of delinquents npc.

By the way, it is possible to complete quest without fighting anyone.